“The very ink with which all history is written is merely fluid prejudice.” ~Mark Twain

Jay Griffith facilitates Think Again and Faith Again—organizing, arranging presenters and venues, sending notification emails, and creating and maintaining the websites. Below, in his own words, are how these communities came to be in Jay’s best, albeit imperfect recollection.

“In early 2009 I was introduced to Mitchell Spence due to similar callings he and I had in separate Stakes in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day SaintsMitchell and I became friends and he invited me to attend a discussion group that he and his wife, Tiffany Ivins, hosted called Think Again. Tiffany had helped start a similar discussion group while at graduate school back east. At the time Think Again was being managed by Carri Hulet

In late Spring of 2013, Allison Pond, who was facilitating Think Again, asked if I would take over due to a promotion at her work. At that time Think Again was being hosted by the generous Mark and Elizabeth England.

In June of that year I arranged for a Think Again discussion on Navigating Mormon History and Faith Crises. It was a topic that I was attracted to for personal reasons as well as an increasing awareness of how many I saw who were struggling with this issue. I asked two friends of mine to lead the discussion, Jim McConkie, nephew of Bruce R. McConkie, and Andrea Maxfield, long time personal assistant to then, Assistant Church Historian, Richard E. Turley, Jr.. It was a remarkable evening.

Most remarkable though was how many came—about 80—a much larger attendance than a typical Think Again’s of 20 or less. Afterwards, Elizabeth England suggested that we should host a separate monthly group to explore challenging topics related to the Mormon Faith. I agreed but initially didn’t want to facilitate both groups. After failing to get anyone to manage it, I took it on and initially turned to the helpful Dan Wotherspoon for suggestions for presenters and connecting with them.

Both groups have become a passion as I’ve grown to love and appreciate so many of the people who I’ve had the privilege of traveling this journey of curiosity with. I feel fortunate to bring diverse and similar people together in a physical space to enjoy enriching conversations about challenging concepts. Think Again and Faith Again are part of my continuing education, and my spiritual, social, and intellectual growth. And part of my contribution in trying to create a healthy community.

Since the divorce of the Englands in 2018, our kind and occasional hosts, Ed and Kristen Rogers Iverson, have become the current go-to home for our gatherings. 

My gratitude goes out to those mentioned above as well as to the unmentioned. (Like my supportive spouse, Jane.) And to others who host our discussions on occasions. I greatly appreciate the many exceptional people who have been willing to lead the discussions in the two groups, and do so without remuneration. I’m especially grateful to those who so often attend, participate, and share a desire to explore and challenge themselves.

At the end of 2017 I combined the separate websites of Think Again and Faith Again into one and gave them an “identity.” This made sense not only for management purposes, but also because historically, the secular and the spiritual/religious have not always played well together. I hope by sitting in the same space while exploring our questions that we will find connecting threads of thought, trust, and respect for each other and those who see things differently than us.”

Beginning in 2019, each group will meet every other month rather than monthly. That will still provide an interesting conversation once a month split between the religious and secular. And allow people more time to focus and prepare for the topic of the month.

Presenters come from both within the group and from without. If you would like to present on a topic or know someone who would be good for us to engage with, then please contact Jay at [email protected].

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